The most important policy of our company is making no additive tea.
At the tea plantation which is the most suitable to nurture tea by the Hino river, we have been nurturing tea organically since foundation. We use fish parts which we get from a fishery directly and rapeseed meal as fertilizer mainly.
We believe that everyone is satisfied with our tea which is grown without any use of pesticides.

As basking in the sun, our tea is growing healthy.
We Japanese cannot do without tea.
The merits of tea are now being recognized once again.
In Japan, it is said that tea has an effect as a medicine, so tea might have been drunk as a medicine from ancient times.
Mitsuda Seicha has been making “tea” like that for over eighty years.

Though tasted tea added monosodium glutamate or colored tea added ammonium bicarbonate is sold on the market now, we don’t use any additives at all.
We will send you no additive tea.