・October 15, 2015 Mitsuda Seicha Co., Ltd. English website open.

The tea of Mitsuda Seicha

Additive-free and pure tea

We will give you good quality tea taken blessings of nature.

Policy of “Mitsuda Seicha”: The natural tea which contains no additives.

The feature of Mitsuda-Seicha is a principle that we have been managing from tea-picking to processing since foundation.

Since once upon a time in Oumi.......
A human has a mind of tea in his/her mind, and tea also includes human mind.

We have taken tea day-to-day for a long time.
Though there is much tea with additive around us today, Mitsuda-Seicha produces good tea which everyone drinks at ease wholeheartedly.

“Tea drunk at ease”
Mitsuda Seicha is managing from growing and the-picking to drying and brand-processing.

Yabukita green tea, Zairai green tea, powdered green tea, Gyabardine Ron Tea.